Stop asking.. Can She? And start saying She can.

I know of a woman who wanted to be a singer and travel the world. But when she got pregnant at the height of her singing career and was made to believe her singing days were behind her.

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So, she stopped singing and performing to care for her baby. I know of another woman who wanted to start her own business when she arrived in New Zealand. She was also told that it will be difficult because she had young children.

She did not listen and she went on to become a successful entrepreneur in her own right. I know of a woman who is expecting a baby and the prime minster of New Zealand. People are asking Can She????

There are questions about how she will manage as a mother and a leader. I know of many women who are mothers, entrepreneurs and leaders. They have inspired me and many more women to be where we are today.

These women are fearless and take on huge challenges to make our world a better place to live in. I also know of many women who have given up on their dreams because they have children. I know of other women who have chosen to skip motherhood because it will ruin their career only to regret it later.

My message today is simple and to all women wherever you are. Live your dream. You can have it all and be good at it. We (Women) are nurturers and we make things happen.

So, if you are contemplating motherhood or career, Don’t choose. Go for both. You are a woman after all, good at multitasking and juggling.




Overcoming self-doubt in 5 easy steps.

Portrait of a woman changing her moodWe all have it and feel it sometimes or for some, most of the time.  Self-doubt or our inner critic. Our worst enemy and barrier to our growth.

The little voice that tells you it can’t be done and that you will fail if you take on that challenge. That voice always seems certain and the constant nagging doesn’t help. It is like having your ear ringing after a heavy metal concert.

Many of us would have experienced this self-doubt at some point in our lives.

For some of us it could be what we needed to get started and make the changes to propel us forward. For others, it could be another thing that reinforces how we already feel…defeated.

Overcoming self-doubt takes courage, determination, support and encouragement.

When you find yourself in this place where doubt is paramount in your mind, there are some steps to take to overcome it.  Although, this is different for everybody depending on your self-belief and motivation to create better outcomes, it is possible to overcome self-doubt by following these simple steps

UNDERSTAND YOUR STRENGTH as this is crucial and will determine how you handle self-criticism. On one hand it’s good because it’s like challenging you and taking you out of your comfort zone. For instance if your inner critic tells you that you can’t get that promotion at work because you don’t have the skills or not up to it, you may see that as a challenge to try a bit harder and get the promotion. Of course, inner criticism is different for everybody as it could work against you if you’re one to accept defeat easily or give in too quickly.

KNOW YOURSELF because the first step to overcoming self-doubt is to know what you can and cannot do. This is not to say that you should not take on challenges that exceed your capability, but being true to yourself and understanding your inner strength will help you override the little voice of self-doubt.

CHOOSE TO BE ACTIVE NOT PASSIVE for the simple reason that you should and can take control of the situation by doing something. Not acting is submission and means that you have given in to this inner critic. A simple step to starting will be self-affirmation and ownership of what happens to you and that you are responsible for your actions and the outcomes you create.

SET YOUR GOALS so you can have a plan and take a step-by-step action. Some of us don’t like goal setting, as it could be unexciting and daunting. If you have too many things on your goal list, the inner voice may constantly remind you of how you may not be able to cross off all the items on the list. The key is to have short list, keep it simple and take one day at a time without overwhelming yourself.

STAY FOCUSED on what is happening right in the moment. Be present. When you overtask yourself and take on too much, you loose focus and for that reason, you’re constantly reminded how you’ll not be able to complete what you started. A constant repetition of this voice will eventually lead you to start believing you’re incapable. Staying focused on a project or task will  make sure you commit and overcome the voice that says you can’t.

If you have any tips on how you’ve overcome self-doubt, please share with us.

Thanks for reading. You may contact me here