Kia ora (Hello).

I believe we can do anything we choose to do with the right mindset, belief and attitude.ngozipenson start with Starting is often a challenge but once we overcome the barriers that stall or hold us back, we can accomplish more.

My name is Ngozi and I see myself as an inspirer and encourager. I am a business owner, a learning facilitator / tutor, a mum, wife, charitable organisation co-founder, a speaker and a community leader.

My friends call me a doer! My husband thinks I’m insane because of all the things I do. My children ask me what my next project is going to be.  Life is good if you make it so. But you have to start. What better time than now.

You are welcome to reach out and share your thoughts and aspirations with me. I hope you will find value in my writing and get inspired to do whatever you choose to do no matter how small. Because, small things will lead to bigger and better things.

Noho ora mai. (All the best)


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