Change Takes Time. Be Responsive

Change takes time, effort and planning.  If you want to a different result it will make sense to stop doing the same thing over and over again. We must be responsive to change and opportunities. Only then can we get a different outcome from the norm.

There is no silver bullet to overcoming barriers or challenges. But there’s always that opportunity to seek out the new, if we are feeling stuck.

Be open and receptive to opportunitiesWe are different in the way we respond or react to challenges. Find what works for you and do it as we’re all unique in our own way.

Be creative with your problems or challenges. Find a silver lining in everything that happens and be responsive and open to change.



Confidence to change is your choice

We get caught up in things we cannot do but pay little attention to things we can actually do. Some people will tell you that they are quite happy with the way things are when the obvious is clear.  Such people sit down, fold their arms and resist change.

Change with confidence and growDenial is one reason why we feel stuck at some point in our lives. We resist change because we don’t see the point. It takes confidence to change or want to make changes. The biggest challenge for us all when it comes to change is learning new ways of doing things and starting over again.

If you want to grow in anything you do, changing the way you think and feel starts a process and the outcome will show. Some people will see change as opportunity while others will view it as unwarranted inconvenience.

We cannot continue to do the same thing repeatedly and expect a different result every time. So how can you change the way you feel about making important decisions that will transform the results you get?

  • Don’t listen to naysayers. We have a tendency to listen to what people say about things we can and cannot do when deep down we know we want change. Why is that so? It is very easy to believe things that come easy, like somebody telling you how your plans will not work out. It is a freely given advise and doesn’t cost much. Take it with a pinch of salt.
  • Know yourself. This is crucial to having confidence to take on opportunities or challenges. What will get you there is the belief in your abilities and the knowledge you have with regards to what you’re hoping to carry out. You could be confident enough to go forward but if you’re not equipped with the right skills and tools, you may set yourself up to fail. Be sure you have all it takes.
  • Be clear in your head about what you want and what it will do for you. It is like travelling to another town with a road map. Clearing your head of uncertainties should start with a simple question.  What do I want?  Yes, it’s true we don’t all know what we want (you’re not alone) but if you know what you DON’T want then at least you have eliminated some things.
  • Stay with and seek people who will help you learn and grow with confidence. It is true that we can easily be influenced by the people we interact with especially if they’re our role models and we look up to them. The down side is, if these so-called role models are having negative impact in our thinking and actions then we need to start making some changes. The impact if we continue on this path will be disastrous, so be aware when things are not working out for your good or growth.
  • Learn, learn, learn. When doubt, low self-esteem self-imposed barriers hold us you back from getting stuck in, we begin to feel stuck in a rut. We have all been there at some point in our work, career, life where it feels like we can’t keep our head above water. What you do at that point will determine the results you’ll get. You can never learn enough. Knowledge is power and the more you know, the less likely you are to feel like you’re going round and round in circle with no known destination in mind.

We can all make changes with practice and confidently transform our results. But we have to hunger for that change and seek help if need be.

10 easy ways to start ANYTHING.

Staring anything whether be it for the first time or seeking to make changes will take some thinking and planning.

Coaching journeys for freedom and inspiration

It’s even more of a challenge when you know that something needs to give but don’t know what.  To help you take baby steps to starting here are some things to put into action to get you started.

  1. Stay away from critics. You can have a fantastic idea of what you want to do but once relayed to a critic will be like pouring water on a flame. It kills it. Keep away from those sorts of people or keep what you want to do to yourself. Constructive Criticism is good but beware of  people who tell you it’s not possible every time you share you ideas.
  1. Relight the fire. For those people who have been out of action for sometime, like stay at home mums, dads or unemployed, it’s another ball game to get back into the groove of professional career. It is also a good opportunity to do something new that you will find rewarding if there is no immediate financial pressure. Think back to your youthful self and the drive you had way back. Find a way to bring it back and channel it towards you new pathway.
  1. Reload. Following on from the previous point you may find that your energy has drained and that is affecting your drive. Daytime tv’s and latte mornings may have taken its toll on you. This is another opportunity to check your lifestyle and plan a new one that will re-energise you. More exercise, outdoor activities, community participation, connecting and seeking out new ways to reload for a good shot at new opportunities that will come your way.
  1. Take it with a smile. In the process of getting back into action, you may experience some set back like rejection and lack of interstellar in you past life. Not to worry, it happens to a lot of people. The key is to take it with a smile and move on. No need to wallow in self-pity or live in past glory. Find out what you need to do now, then do it.
  1. Bring back your old self. Remember when you use to laugh more, live more and give more. Maybe it’s time you bring back you so you can start a new phase again. Yesterday things have changed, just like it is for most people, but you can make this new you even better than the old you. You can’t change the past but you can plan the future and what better way to start fresh than now.
  1. Make new friends. So you old friends no longer want to have anything to do with you as they have moved on just like you have, or not? Another opportunity to experience new friends, maybe people who are not like you so you can learn a different culture, eat different type of food, share different stories from far and wide. The opportunities are endless and your imagination can take you places if you make a start.
  1. Write it down. What do you want this new you to do, be, experience, achieve? Write it down. Start with where you are presently, follow with where you want to be and how you will go about it. Keep it simple and stick to it.
  1. Find the map. We all need help to do things and there is no shame in asking. Remember when you are driving somewhere new; you use a map to get you there. It is the same when you seek to start something. Help will speed up the process. Don’t go it alone. There’s no point and you don’t have to prove anything to anybody except yourself. You did that when you were a teen trying to fit into the ‘IT’ group. Now is time realistic goals. With help, it’s possible.
  1. Be like dough. You can shape dough to what you like it to be.  Don’t be stuck in one place. Be like a dough. Change you shape to suit. Be flexible, open-minded and if something or a plan did not work out, try something else. Changing will start with you no body else and it is you call to start to not.
  1. Laugh and praise you. This is a good one and we don’t do it enough. Most of us have forgotten how to live life through laughter and acknowledging our little wins. Because of this, we feel like we’re not making any progress and frustration sets in. This time you’re starting; include laughter and plenty of it in your list. Celebrate your success and don’t dwell on your failures. Invite people who want to laugh with you into your life and share the joys of what it means live. Because life is good.

Whatever you’re starting, don’t delay. Life is too short. So make it count.

Feel free to get in touch me if I can support you to start. I would love to.

A simple step to Embracing Change

A simple step to embracing changeI was on a flight from Lagos to Doha and sat beside a young man.

Olu (not his real name) appeared to be in his mid 20’s.

He was traveling back to one of the Gulf States, having been lured by the great opportunities and wealth that abound there.

He quit his IT job in his home country and moved there only to work as a security guard in a housing complex.

Olu has a degree in information technology and worked as a programmer in his previous job with an insurance firm. He is concerned he’s wasting time and not applying the skills he has acquired in this present job.

This story is not uncommon with new migrants to a new country. People end up in situations they had not planned for and struggle to find a way out for different reasons.

Most of us experience hopelessness and disappointment and struggle with settling if what we had hoped for is not what we end up with.

So, how do you turn things around and make a fresh start? By Embracing Change.

A simple step to follow is by acknowledging there’s a way out and that you may have to go BACK to go forward. Difficult situation creates opportunities if we look beyond our problems.

True, you can’t change the past, but you can plan for the future and having a positive mind, being realistic and seeking support is key to embracing change.

What’s your story?

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