Tips to Stay Above The Line In Challenging Times

A few years ago I took on a marmot project with the hope of accomplishing certain goals.

It did not work out as a result of external factors that I could not control. I tried for months to turn things around with no luck. In the end I had to pull the plug but not before implementing my exit plan.

The ever changing business world calls for swift action, less procrastination. No time to over deliberate and consult over endless options.  Swift decision when it’s needed will save you time, money and give you back your peace of mind.

Procrastination will cause you grief, frustration and keep you stuck.
To stay above the line is to have control over things that happen to you. It will keep you focused and help you see there’s a way out of any bad situation. You will not feel sorry for yourself or duel on problems but will work on fixing the problems.

Today, I look back and am thankful that I made that decisions to stop and start new.
What will it be for you , when you are faced with a challenge that seems to be drowning you? Here are some things you can do.

  • Write down what you want and why.
  • Plan the steps to start the process
  • Seek help of a coach or person that can support you
  • Gather all the resources you need
  • Start

 You can turn things around but you have to be decisive and take action.


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Start with Confidence

My friends call me a doer! My husband thinks I’m insane because of all the things I do. My children ask me what my next project is going to be. Life is good if you make it so. But you have to start.

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