Change Takes Time. Be Responsive

Change takes time, effort and planning.  If you want to a different result it will make sense to stop doing the same thing over and over again. We must be responsive to change and opportunities. Only then can we get a different outcome from the norm.

There is no silver bullet to overcoming barriers or challenges. But there’s always that opportunity to seek out the new, if we are feeling stuck.

Be open and receptive to opportunitiesWe are different in the way we respond or react to challenges. Find what works for you and do it as we’re all unique in our own way.

Be creative with your problems or challenges. Find a silver lining in everything that happens and be responsive and open to change.


Start Moving Now

To reach any destination, we must put one foot in frontStart With Confidence™ of the other and start moving towards the direction we want to go.

This is the simple idea behind Start With Confidence™. A step by step approach to making changes where required and necessary

As simple as it sounds, it can be challenging for some people, especially women that have experienced low self-esteem, Self doubt, and unsure how to take that first step to change.

It is normal for us to feel stuck at some point in our lives. Feeling this way will often lead to confusion, sadness, blame, and self-doubt. But we must first acknowledge our situation needs to change before we can truly make the start.

To change is to start the “long walk to freedom” (borrowing the Late Nelson Mandela’s words).

We can blame others for everything that has happened or is happening to us. This blame game takes the power away from us as we become dependent on the person, people or society to change before our situation can improve.

This is the wrong way to go about starting the process to getting the outcome you so desire.

Take back control by believing that you are responsible for your own happiness. Do what needs to be done. Find  the courage and Start With Confidence™.

Walk towards the place you need to be.

Certain things are required before you start: Be ready for change. Have self-belief, grow your confidence. Take responsibility for your actions. Be realistic and commit to change.

Start new, start thinking differently about yourself and believe that you are responsible for changing the way you feel about the situation you find yourself in. Ask friends, relatives, colleagues how they’ve done it and then Start With Confidence™.

When is a good time to start? ?

How about Now.

Stop asking.. Can She? And start saying She can.

I know of a woman who wanted to be a singer and travel the world. But when she got pregnant at the height of her singing career and was made to believe her singing days were behind her.

Business woman celebrates successful deal at office. Business People
Celebrate Woman

So, she stopped singing and performing to care for her baby. I know of another woman who wanted to start her own business when she arrived in New Zealand. She was also told that it will be difficult because she had young children.

She did not listen and she went on to become a successful entrepreneur in her own right. I know of a woman who is expecting a baby and the prime minster of New Zealand. People are asking Can She????

There are questions about how she will manage as a mother and a leader. I know of many women who are mothers, entrepreneurs and leaders. They have inspired me and many more women to be where we are today.

These women are fearless and take on huge challenges to make our world a better place to live in. I also know of many women who have given up on their dreams because they have children. I know of other women who have chosen to skip motherhood because it will ruin their career only to regret it later.

My message today is simple and to all women wherever you are. Live your dream. You can have it all and be good at it. We (Women) are nurturers and we make things happen.

So, if you are contemplating motherhood or career, Don’t choose. Go for both. You are a woman after all, good at multitasking and juggling.



Tips to Stay Above The Line In Challenging Times

A few years ago I took on a marmot project with the hope of accomplishing certain goals.

It did not work out as a result of external factors that I could not control. I tried for months to turn things around with no luck. In the end I had to pull the plug but not before implementing my exit plan.

The ever changing business world calls for swift action, less procrastination. No time to over deliberate and consult over endless options.  Swift decision when it’s needed will save you time, money and give you back your peace of mind.

Procrastination will cause you grief, frustration and keep you stuck.
To stay above the line is to have control over things that happen to you. It will keep you focused and help you see there’s a way out of any bad situation. You will not feel sorry for yourself or duel on problems but will work on fixing the problems.

Today, I look back and am thankful that I made that decisions to stop and start new.
What will it be for you , when you are faced with a challenge that seems to be drowning you? Here are some things you can do.

  • Write down what you want and why.
  • Plan the steps to start the process
  • Seek help of a coach or person that can support you
  • Gather all the resources you need
  • Start

 You can turn things around but you have to be decisive and take action.